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Season 3
is here! The server has had a reset and a revamp of certain features, read below for more information.

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1.16 Server Version • We have officially switched to 1.16.5 from 1.15.2 as our base server version. This was a large task but opens up lots of doors for new additions in the future, be sure to keep an eye out on those!

Private Mines
• Private Mines had a complete revamp, you now level your mine with XP gaining while mining. As your progress you upgrade your mine and unlock new block upgrades to customize the look of your mine! Now supporting 1.16 blocks like Blackstone & Netherite.


Backpacks • Most of the code for our backpacks plugin was completely re-written, you may notice some new features and way faster speeds while opening keys!


Balance Changes • Most things that were insanely OP or insanely underwhelming in season 2 have been balanced and made sure you receive the correct amount rewards to keep you going throughout your gameplay.


New Rankups • We're taking ranking up and prestiging into a different direction: You now start at Rank 1 and at Rank 100 you can begin prestiging as usual. However, you will now receive a percentage of your next rankup from most crate/box rewards in-game! This makes sure you're always getting something you need as a reward.


New Task System • We now have a brand new task system that allows you to complete Daily & Weekly tasks! These will reset per player and allows you to work on these on your own time. Goodluck!

Bug Fixes/Changes

• Fixed a bug with buffs miscalculating.

• Ranks below Soul now get more keys.

• Buffed all vote rewards, added better rewards & lowered a few chances in /voterewards

• Revamped perks to be better balanced with the new eco.

View the full changelog on our Discord

SoulcoreMC Season 3 Changelog 11 months ago



Freshly updated to Season 1.5 with all new features for you to experience, read below for a full Changelog!

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Core Gems • Each gem has a special buff associated with it that can be leveled up to increase the buff's bonus. Every time your Gem's buff is used, there is a 35% chance of -10 Charges being deducted. Re-Charge a Gem using Core Dust. Gems are placed in Gem Slots which will then activate the Gem's buff. Gems are found in Restored Cores that can be infused from Core Dust at /warp coreinfuser or /warp infuser.


Core Deposits • Find beacon deposits around the PvP Mine that reward Core Dust when mined. Beacons in the PvP Mine itself will reward 5x more Core Dust instead of the previous rewards, Charms & Tokens. Core Deposits regenerate when the PvP Mine resets, every hour. You may also find Small, Medium or Large Core Dust Pouches that contain a random amount of Core Dust when opened.


Loot Drops8 Loot Drops will spawn around the PvP Mine every 30 Minutes containing rewards like Level Shards, Small - Large Core Dust Pouches, Re-Rolls, Pet Food, a Mystery Box & More! Loot Drops will de-spawn after 5 Minutes from dropping, you must be quick to claim them!


NEW ITEMS • All Tools, Armours & Weapons except Pickaxes will be cleared of enchants and follow a similar Leveling style to Pickaxes. There are 6 Enchants for each Item including some unique Custom enchants that can all be enchanted at the Item Enchanter for Core Dust. Visit the Item Enchanter at /warp enchanter.


PvP Rewards • Killing players is now much more beneficial, rewarding small amounts of Core Dust per kill. You can also enchant your sword with new Enchantments that will do more damage, heal hearts, loot keys & much more!


PvP Mine • The PvP Mine has been significantly buffed and now holds 7.5% Lucky Blocks, the most any mine has on the server! The main block has also slightly upgraded from Iron Blocks to Diamond.


Pickaxe Enchants+5 Pickaxe Prestiges have been added, making the max prestige now 15. The Pickaxe menu has been revamped for easier enchanting! You can now enchant in intervals of 1, 10, 25, 50, 100 & 1,000 within a single click.


Bug Fixes/Changes

• CoreBomb now has a max level of 50. Cap's are still unaffected by Pickaxe Prestiges but the cost will multiply the same way per Prestige.

• Tokenblast will stop scaling up tokens after level 1,000. Each level past 1,000 will only upgrade the chance of Tokenblast proccing.

• Buffed all vote rewards, added better rewards & lowered a few chances in /voterewards

• The chance of Booster proccing was decreased to make redeeming multipliers more useful.

• You must be sneaking to remove crops or seeds with a hoe now.

• The uncompleted Gang stats menu is removed. Instead a full member list is now in it's place which shows at least some info about each member.

• You can now place & break Signs anywhere in Gang homes.

• Crops have Tripled in price in the shop and can now only be bought by 1.

• Mining Milestones were removed. The Soul Point Shop is much more beneficial.

• Fixed a text error in /settings for the Divine Setting.

• Pets below level 5 will no longer return following you after logging in.

• Other bug fixes not worth nothing.

SoulcoreMC Season 1.5 Changelog about 1 year ago

You were banned for Ban Evading and using multiple accounts to "Bot Raid" our server. I watched your discord profile update the Impact client every time you tried to login with a bot account. To top it all off you then tagged me in the general chat, opened a ticket and private messaged me asking why the server was in maintenance mode, but your account Arth795 never tried to login only your bot accounts.

The fact you are threatening the integrity of our server by sending multiple accounts to it while already being banned along with your friends for using Nuker is a clear sign you have no interest in actually playing here.

Your IP ban will stand and cannot be appealed.

WTF about 1 year ago

SoulcoreMC Season 1 - Changelog



• SEASON 1 SPAWN We have a brand new spawn for Season 1, it has much of the same features as the BETA spawn and plenty more! There is also a special Top List room that visually shows the Top 10 players of every top list. You can also view the previous Top Monthly Voters in their live form!


• Gangs were completely Re-vamped with a brand new spacious /g home and now includes features such as Mine expansions, Build areas, Member statistics, Gang Settings & Permissions, a fully working Gang stash with stash exchanging for more gang Wealth + Shards & a new gang currency called Gang Credits, these are used to purchase gang mine expansions!


• Mining Perks are a new way to make mining feel more rewarding! You can collect Soul Points from every 1,000 Blocks you mine, these are used to upgrade 5 Different Perks like Charm Excavator to find charms while mining or the Extra Lucky perk that increases the chance of finding Lucky Blocks. You can also spend Soul Points at /soulshop for items.


• Payouts, mine your way to the top of /topblocks through the season to win real money! You can view the current payout rewards and more information in-game using /payouts


• Cosmetic Trails can be won by opening a Cosmetic Crate. Find these keys from many different places like Voting, the Ultra Rare Crate and the Fortune Teller. These trails will stay with you forever through every new season! There are a total of 28 free trails to be won from the Cosmetic Crate, 5 Donator trails through Rank Perks & special Seasonal Trails that can be won from events hosted throughout seasons!


• Ultra Rare Pets is a new rare pet that unlocks 1 of 6 unique pet skins. Ultra Rare Pets have increased buff percentages over Super Rare and a brand new type of pet food to feed it. You can exchange Ultra Pets for Ultra Pet Food but you *cannot* forge these pet eggs for Level Shards.


• Ultra Rare Crate is a brand new crate with the best rewards found in the game. These keys are much rarer than other keys and can be obtained from shops as well but for a high cost. Look out for Key Alls which will most certainly contain these keys!


• Seasonal Task, complete this season's task to receive a unique pet that looks just like you! This pet is kept permanently and is obtainable on new season in your Soulcore Stash (/stash). View how to complete this season's task and a better look at the pet using /tasks in-game!


• Daily Rewards, a brand new addition to Soulcore! Claim your daily rewards that come with your rank perk. You can claim daily rewards for ranks lower than yours as well! Access your rewards in-game at spawn by clicking the Daily Reward note block or using /daily

SoulcoreMC Season 1 - Changelog about 1 year ago

Changelog #6 -  (4/30/2021)

 ●  Player Owned Shop Re Work, Core Credits & Fortune Teller

       • Player Owned Shops now have a Offers & Tokens as a payment option.

             • You can set an offer by opening your shop and dragging and item on to the "Add Offer". The dragged item is what you're wanting to buy for the price you set.

       • Core Credits is a new way spend real money inside the game. You can purchase credits in the store/redeem a gift card and spend them in the in-game store (/buy)

       • The Fortune Teller now has an "Open All" option (Shift-click). This will just skip the fancy animations and give you the reward. This also works with any ticket amount.

       • A few new settings were added into /settings.

             • CoreBomb Proc - Disables the chance of CoreBomb procing.

             • Chat Mentions - Disables the sound effect when being mentioned in chat, an "@" will still appear next to your name.

 ●  Changes

       • Mystery Box token rewards were increased a bit to match the eco.

 ●  Additions & Bug Fixes

       • You will now be teleported back to the warp platform when the Soulcore Mine resets.

       • Disabling fly when teleporting to /warp pvp properly works.

       • /topvotes will reset on the 1st of every month at 12 AM EST.

Changelog #6 - 4/30/2021 about 1 year ago