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SoulcoreMC Season 1 - Changelog
Jiffs Owner
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about 1 year ago

SoulcoreMC Season 1 - Changelog



• SEASON 1 SPAWN We have a brand new spawn for Season 1, it has much of the same features as the BETA spawn and plenty more! There is also a special Top List room that visually shows the Top 10 players of every top list. You can also view the previous Top Monthly Voters in their live form!


• Gangs were completely Re-vamped with a brand new spacious /g home and now includes features such as Mine expansions, Build areas, Member statistics, Gang Settings & Permissions, a fully working Gang stash with stash exchanging for more gang Wealth + Shards & a new gang currency called Gang Credits, these are used to purchase gang mine expansions!


• Mining Perks are a new way to make mining feel more rewarding! You can collect Soul Points from every 1,000 Blocks you mine, these are used to upgrade 5 Different Perks like Charm Excavator to find charms while mining or the Extra Lucky perk that increases the chance of finding Lucky Blocks. You can also spend Soul Points at /soulshop for items.


• Payouts, mine your way to the top of /topblocks through the season to win real money! You can view the current payout rewards and more information in-game using /payouts


• Cosmetic Trails can be won by opening a Cosmetic Crate. Find these keys from many different places like Voting, the Ultra Rare Crate and the Fortune Teller. These trails will stay with you forever through every new season! There are a total of 28 free trails to be won from the Cosmetic Crate, 5 Donator trails through Rank Perks & special Seasonal Trails that can be won from events hosted throughout seasons!


• Ultra Rare Pets is a new rare pet that unlocks 1 of 6 unique pet skins. Ultra Rare Pets have increased buff percentages over Super Rare and a brand new type of pet food to feed it. You can exchange Ultra Pets for Ultra Pet Food but you *cannot* forge these pet eggs for Level Shards.


• Ultra Rare Crate is a brand new crate with the best rewards found in the game. These keys are much rarer than other keys and can be obtained from shops as well but for a high cost. Look out for Key Alls which will most certainly contain these keys!


• Seasonal Task, complete this season's task to receive a unique pet that looks just like you! This pet is kept permanently and is obtainable on new season in your Soulcore Stash (/stash). View how to complete this season's task and a better look at the pet using /tasks in-game!


• Daily Rewards, a brand new addition to Soulcore! Claim your daily rewards that come with your rank perk. You can claim daily rewards for ranks lower than yours as well! Access your rewards in-game at spawn by clicking the Daily Reward note block or using /daily