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Changelog #5 - 4/28/2021
Jiffs Owner
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IGN: Jiffs
about 1 year ago

Changelog #5 -  (4/28/2021)

I planned on releasing the ability to grow crops while logged out or away from your plot, but ran into some extra bugs. So with that being said I'm gonna release what I have as of now and the next update will hopefully include it.

 ●  Coin Flip & Keystorm Buff

       • Coin Flip is a new feature where you can gamble tokens/money with players.

             • Start by typing /coinflip in-game to learn more.

       • Keystorm now has a max level of 10.

             • Each level increases the chance of finding more Rare & Soulcore 


       • Added Wheat, Carrots and Potatoes to the item shop for $100M per x16 for now.

       • The discord bot has a new syncing process in #syncing 

       • The website is now fully functional at https://soulcoremc.net/

 ●  Changes

       • The Auto-Miner was balanced to give regular miners a boost.

             • The chance of finding Lucky Blocks for the AM was decreased slightly.

             • The base block price for the AM was decreased slightly.

             • Caregiver no longer works in the AM. This was an unintended feature.

       • Super Rare Pet Eggs, Charm Re-Rolls & Rename Tokens are rarer in the Soulcore Crate.

 ●  Additions & Bug Fixes

       • Clicking a crop in the Auto-Planter GUI will now say you're planting it.

       • Fixed an error in gang level up messages.

       • The gang mine will no longer let you reset it while it's already resetting.

       • Turning off lucky messages will no longer give you 0 tokens.

       • Buckets now properly work.