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Changelog #4 - (4/25/2021)
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about 1 year ago

Changelog #4 -  (4/25/2021)

This update is just some bug fixes and small additions while I work on larger projects. The Player Owned Shops will get a re-work to implement offers & tokens as currency, and the gangs will have additional features added during the week. I'm also slowly preparing the server for Season 1 which is why this update includes depreciating /betarewards, to officially make the Beta backpacks Limited Edition.

 ●  Charm Re-Roll Buff, Beta Rewards, New Vote Link

       • Charm Re-Rolls are now in the Soulcore Crate.

             • This is to counter the high prestige player's losing out on re-rolls.

       • Added a new vote link (#6)

       • Started adding commands to /commands

             • It's not fully completed but has some useful commands for now.

 ●  Changes

       • /betarewards has been depreciated.

             • Contains 1 Gold Voucher, 1 Super Rare Backpack & 1 Charm Key

             • The command will be completely gone after #100 unique joins.

       • BETA backpacks have been added to your Stash for season 1.

       • Gang Shards & Wealth were balanced again.

             • Proc was increased and Level 1 Gangs get a small shard boost.

 ●  Additions & Bug Fixes

       • The pet info in the Pickaxe menu will properly show pet stats.

       • Player entities will no longer collide.

       • The second page of the help menu has been added.

       • The Fortune Teller no longer delete your ticket when closing the GUI.

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